Corporate Virtual Event Solutions

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Corporate Virtual Event Solutions

The Best-In-class Virtual Event Experience for your Corporate Meetings, Incentive Programs, Conferences, Product Exhibitions, Corporate Events, Employee Engagement Activities, Virtual Team Building Solutions, Corporate Webinars, Virtual Product Launches.

Why: Corporate Virtual Event Solutions?

TO ESTABLISH CONTINUITY – Given the current scenario and understanding the need of conducting Employee Engagement Activities, Business Meetings, Virtual Conferences, (R&R) Reward &  Recognition programs, Product Launches, Gala Evenings, Virtual Networking Sessions, Team Building Solutions we at power you with Highly effective Corporate Virtual Event Solutions to continue operating business as usual in a very effective manner and virtually.

In these times of economic challenges VIRTUAL EVENTS becomes a very cost-effective way to engage with your internal and external customers.

Hosting a virtual event requires the same care and attention, as an Corporate Offsite (in-person) event – 

Leverage our technological expertise and conduct Virtual Events with a fully customizable Virtual Event Platform by that includes live streaming, watching on-demand, translate closed captioning, fully integrated registration experience, integrated chat facility , breakout rooms and session- and event-level chat, group text and video chat, live Q&A and polling, fully branded virtual booths, downloadable sales material resources like brochures , Capture virtual event attendee data, a place to view the event agenda with speakers name and their profile ,Live and virtual session details, Email marketing data and more.


How Do We plan your Virtual Event ?


Virtual Event Digital Invite

1. Pre-Event Invitations

  • Digital Invites help create the best impact even before the event starts.
  • It gives a sense of excitement and hype for the delegat
  • es.
  • These digital invites can go in the form of WhatsApp Messages or Emailers and can be designed in any format.


Virtual Event Arena
2. Set- up of Virtual Arena / Virtual Platform

A completely customized platform with immersive and interactive user interface. A feature rich Virtual Event platform competent enough for 10000+ audience at one point of time with Virtual Engagement options like photo-booth, flash games, auditorium, networking lounge, meeting rooms, exhibition, help desk etc. Virtual arena gives you a lot of opportunity for Product Branding, etc.

3. Virtual Platform Security

The audience can log in to the platform in three ways depending on the option chosen based on requirement and ease of user

  • OPTION 1 – PRE – REGISTERATION – The platform can be kept open 2- 3 days before the event starts, for everyone to pre-register and generate their own login ID and passwords.
  • OPTION 2 – LOGIN ID & PASSWORD – We can generate Login ID and passwords for all the user in the back end and send it out to everyone a day before the event.
  • OPTION 3 – OPEN PLATFORM – In this case, the platform is kept open for everyone. Anyone can login with an email ID. Analytics could be made available.


4. Creative Designing for Great Visual Experiences – 3D Stage / 2D Stage / Animated Background.

A 3D / 2D stage or Animated Background help make an event look grand and helps in Branding and Marketing of the firm. All these are created graphically hence the options become endless and unique. Many additions like a fancy stage reveal, 3D Logo Animation, Custom animations play an important role making a virtual event effective.

Virtual Event Artist Management Solution

5. Best-in-class Artiste Management Solutions.

  • EMCEE to Host the Show
  • Singers / Live Bands to Perform at the Virtual Event
  • Stand-up Comedy – Stand-up comedian to make the audience laugh and entertained.
  • Bar Tenders – Bartender for fun-filled session on some unique cocktails / mocktails.
  • Illusionists – Illusionist / Mentalist for performing mind-boggling tricks for the audience.
  • Sand Artiste – Sand Artiste for Product Launches, Campaigns & ideas.
  • DJ’s – For a Fun Evening party.
  • Dance Troupes.

Virtual Employee Engagement

6. Employee Engagement Activities

  • Virtual Team building activities.
  • Motivational speakers.
  • Corporate Trainers.

Corporate Gifting

7. Meals/Gift Hamper Arranged & delivered to the residence of the participants if required. –

While our virtual event solutions engage the audience very well, but a personalized meal / Gift hamper sent to the delegates residences takes the excitement up a notch. A curated meal / hamper sent at their doorsteps by some great Hotel Chains brings in joy and amazement. They get to enjoy the program with their families whilst relishing their meal




  • All the keynote speakers can be briefed about the platform and the back end for the best results.
  • The slots and the flow of the event can be defined and accommodated as per their availability.
  • The Keynote can also be assisted with Green Screen Set-up if required – HYBRID EVENT.
  • We understand technical part of any Virtual Event can be a tricky hence we make it simpler for everyone. offers you end to end Virtual Event Solution : SMART M.I.C.E PLANNING

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