Know Your Team Virtual Team Building

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Know Your Team Virtual Team Building

Knowing your team?

One of the most important aspects of building a winning team is by knowing your team members. Knowing them and showing a real appreciation for them, their personalities and work styles, helps to build a sense of trust within your organization during these trying time.

How do we do it!

A set of interactive sessions for teams to bond and know each other better.


Activity: Who is that?

Get to know your teammates better as you read certain facts about them.

How: Before the workshop, participants are provided with a questionnaire. They take time to key in their responses as per the Questions. The MICEkart team extracts the details and shares the profile of each member in the Virtual Training Session. The team experiences an “aha” moment when they go through each other’s profiles and guess who is who?

Duration: 60 Mins


Activity: Guess the word!

The game of unspeakable fun! Objective of the game is after the players are divided into teams, they choose a word master and guess words given to them.

How: The word master has his teammates guess the word on the card without using the word itself or five additional words listed on the card. Let us see who can guess them all.

Duration: 60 Mins


Activity: Survival 101!

It’s time to make some tough choices as the team is stranded on an island. The group is divided into multiple teams for this challenge.

How: They have to choose articles from a given list of items, as a team they must decide what they take along and what they leave. Can they survive yet another crisis heading there way?

Duration: 60 Mins

 WEEK 04

Activity: Let’s play the beat!

A unique activity where one does not need drums to join this drumming session but needs to keep household things handy of which anything can produce music!

How: A moderator will teach the basics of how to produce catchy music with some basis things and later teams will be made and they will be asked to create their own melodies.

Duration: 60 Mins

Post Event Deliverables

  • Giveaway with personalization and corporate branding.
  • Personalized and branded virtual photos.
  • Post event montages.
  • Door-step delivery of giveaways.
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Pre-Event Overview


Trivia, WhatsApp Group Communications, Email Broadcasts.

Teasers / Invites

Physical Invites, E-invite, Equipment Hampers.

Launch / Introduction

Tech Deployment, Stage with Corporate branding, Emcee Hosting the show.

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