Team Building For Corporates Virtual Travelling

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Team Building For Corporates Virtual Travelling

Virtual Travel

Everyone is craving and missing Travelling. Why not travel the World without stepping out of the house.

How do we do it!

A set of fun, intense activities which gives you an exciting virtual travel experience through the screen of your laptop.


Activity: India Dekho

Virtual Traveling Micekart

Travel the length and breadth of the country on an epic journey to find the hidden treasure coins.

How: Participants will be divided in teams. Each team will start exploring India by solving clues and decoding fun facts about each city, place, or monuments. Let us see which Team explores India the best!

Duration: 60 Mins


Activity: Time Machine

Virtual Team Building Micekart

Group comes across a Time Machine and have travelled back in time to an unknown era. The Goal is to return back to the original present era before the Time Machine breaks down.

How: Participants are divided into groups. Each group has reached a different era. By answering the clues, the team must guess the era to move ahead. After crossing nine era’s they will reach the present timeline. Let us see which team travels the era’s correctly.

Duration: 60 Mins


Activity: Race around the World

Virtual Team Building Around the world

Race Around the World is a unique and interactive virtual team building activity that is inspired by television’s Amazing Race – a popular competition in which teams travel the world.

How: Participants will be divided into groups. All participants will have to complete individual or group tasks at each city they stop-over. The team who completes all tasks at each city wins the race!

Duration: 60 Mins


Activity: Home Olympics

Virtual Traveling at home

Times like this demand us to do work from home. Let us see if we can do some running around and fun tasks at home. The challenges are designed to help the team discover fun aspects about colleagues and help push boundaries, staying at home.

How: Participants are divided into teams and will be given exciting range of challenges. The teammates will need to collaborate with each other and their families to complete the tasks and beat the clock. It’s all about team spirit!

Duration: 60 Mins

Pre-Event Overview


Pre-Engagement – Trivia, Whatsapp Group Communications, Email Broadcasts.


Teasers / Invites – Physical Invites, E-invite, Equipment Hampers.


Launch / Introduction – Tech Deployment, Stage with Corporate branding, Emcee Hosting the show.


Post Event DeliverablesVirtual Traveling Post Deliverable

  • Giveaway with personalization and corporate branding.
  • Personalized and branded virtual photos.
  • Post event montages.
  • Door-step delivery of giveaways
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