Unique Corporate Gifting Ideas

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Unique Corporate Gifting Ideas

1.Wireless Charging Pad

Pebble-Sense-Wireless-Charging-Pad1-Corporate Gifting Ideas

  • Protection from short-circuit.
  • It has 0.47in thickness.
  • Blue LED light indicates that the phone is correctly aligned.
  • No of USB ports : 1.

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2.Wifi & Bluetooth Adapter

Wifi & Bluetooth Electronics Corporate Gifting MICEkart

  • A device that can be used in one usb port and provide both Wifi and Bluetooth..
  • Converts the cable network into a WiFi signal to computers, tablets, iPads and Smartphones.

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3.Car Heater Mug

Car Heater Mug Car Accessories Corporate Gifting

  • The mug allows you to keep your beverage hot for long periods of time.
  • 12 v socket which can be plugged into the car’s socket..
  • The socket converts into a USB plug making it suitable for use with computers, power banks, or electricity.

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4.Potronics Auto 10

Potronics Auto Car Accessories Corporate Gifting MICEkart

  • Smart audio connector plus 3.4 A car charger.
  • Bluetooth 5.0 adaptor which sync with your smartphone Bluetooth.
  • Inbuilt mic on its body which allows to take phone calls.

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5.Xech Satellite Power Bank

Xech Satellite Power Bank Mobile Accessories Corporate Gifting

  • Suction holders to hold smartphone & charge it wirelessly.
  • Satellite can be charged via Micro USB & Type-C making it widely compatible.
  • It can charge up to three devices at a single time.

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6.Xech 2 in 1 Speaker

Xech 2 in 1 Speaker Mobile accessories Corporate Gifting

  • Portable audio device that combines premium Ear Pods with a high-Fidelity Bluetooth Speaker.
  • The case doubles up as a battery pack for the Ear Pods.

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7.Mi Bedside lamp 2

MI Bedside Lamp 2 Home Accessories Corporate Gifting MICEkart

  • The lamp can be controlled with the smartphone.
  • Maximum brightness can be 400 lumens & minium can be lesser than 2 lumens.
  • Simply touch any position on the brightness bar to activate the light.
  • Professional light mixing technology

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8.Powerpoint Clicker Presentation

PowerPoint Clicker Presentation Tech Device Corporate Gifting MICEkart

  • Works upto 100 meter range.
  • The mini USB receiver supports plug and play technology.
  • Made of nickel plating metal dome and silicone keypad.
  • It support hyperlinks..
  • Performs functions like page up, page down, play slides, black screen for PPT.

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9.Tech Diary

Tech Diary and Power Bank Tech Accessories Corporate Gifting MICEkart

  • Organiser with 5000mAh Power Bank.
  • Input: USB Port.
  • Output: Micro USB, Type C, lightning Cable

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10.Grapple Speaker

Grapple Speaker Mobile accessories Corporate Gifting MICEkart

  • The speaker has a suction which can be used as a mobile stand.
  • Bluetooth working range is 10 meters(33 feet).
  • The bluetooth speaker can play upto 2.5 hrs.

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11.Zebronics Rover

Zebronics Rover Tech Accessories Corporate Gifting MICEkart

  • Wireless speaker attached to water bottle.
  • The capacity of water bottle is 400 ml.
  • Wireless speaker that supports a Micro SD.
  • The bottle also comes with a compass and a cup for easy drinking.

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12.Portronics Countdown Timer Cube

Portronics Countdown Timer Cube Office Accessories Corporate Gifting MICEkart

  • Simply flip the minute side up & the countdown starts and flip the plain side up to stop the timer.
  • The duration of countdown timers is 5, 15, 30 and 60 minutes.
  • Three easily controllable audio alarm levels.

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13.Xech Digital Photo Frame

Xech Digital Photo Frame Office Accessories Corporate Gifting MICEkart

  • Supports USB pen drives & micro SD cards..
  • This digital picture frame support auto play photos or videos or music.
  • 7 Inch color LCD screen at – 800 x 480 resolution.

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14.USB Microphone

Usb Microphone Mobile accessories Corporate Gifting MICEkart

  • The item weighs 149 grams and the product dimensions are 12 x 5 x 8 cms.
  • USB microphone for PC or Mac.
  • Flexible neck for angle positioning and convenient using.


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