Virtual Reward and Recognition Programe

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Virtual Reward and Recognition Programe

Virtual Reward and Recognition Programe

Importance of rewards and recognition programs – The impact on employees & their performance.

‘People work for money but go the extra mile for recognition, praise and rewards’ – Dale Carnegie

This quite sums up on the need for a virtual R & R (Reward and Recognition) and why it is so important, especially during these challenging times. The current work situation has led the entire workforce to adapt to the challenging W-F-H culture, who are at the same time, struggling to give their best. The isolation due to working alone and alienation from the supportive organization, is yet another trying adjustment that everyone is making.

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In such a situation it becomes extremely important to engage and bond in an effective R & R activity, where the hard work and dedication of your employees, is rewarded thoroughly. This will go a long way to make them feel that their efforts are being valued and cared for. There are several reasons why organizations, conduct R&R programs. Here are a few:

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For starters, acknowledging someone’s hard work, increases the ‘want’ to work better and consequently, increases the productivity of that employee. Being rewarded or appreciated for their efforts makes them go the extra mile in order to constantly improve their performances.

Collectively applauding & celebrating the employees’ talent and effort at a R&R program, makes the employee feel valued. Apart from motivating them to aim higher, they also become examples for the others to follow. This move can boost the collective morale of the entire team & of course, it also keeps monotony and lethargy at bay.


An efficient system of Reward and Recognition often helps in building an amicable relationship between the employee and his manager. It also helps drive team-work within the overall unit.

Ideally, the practice of Reward and Recognition not only benefits the employee but also the management.  This helps them, to spot the top performers who are the best at their game and further encourages them to give effective outputs.

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Conducting timely Reward and Recognition programs also helps in retaining employee loyalty.  We know that even a simple ‘thank you’ or a mail appreciating their efforts, works wonders by boosting their spirits, We always had the option of Sales incentives programs coupled with Reward & Recognition events to felicitate elite performers, but the same is not possible today due to the current pandemic. At we provide Virtual event solutions to continue conducting your Reward & Recognition programs virtually (Click here to check out our Virtual Event Demo). Interactive, secure, highly cost effective and time saving, these solutions are the need of the hour

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You can also choose from wide range of gifting solutions for Trophies, Awards, gift vouchers and other gifting options to incentivize elite performers

Virtual Reward & Recognition programs, Virtual Team building activities, Reward & Incentivizing options, makes it easy to plan with our wide range of MICE – Virtual Event solutions.

All in all, we’d like to say “Brains, like hearts, go where they are appreciated…”


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