Virtual Team Building Know Your Company

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Virtual Team Building Know Your Company

Knowing Your Company?

One of the most important responsibility of an employee is to know their company. Knowing and showing real appreciation to wards it will help to build a sense of trust and accountability during these times.

How do we do it!

A day packed with engaging activities for the employees to know and understand their organization better.


Martians Have Landed!

Teams will be given a scenario-Martians Aircraft have finally landed on Earth but they don’t speak nor understand our language.

How: After the group is divided into multiple teams, each team has to pick five symbols or pictures to describe their company.

Duration: 30 Mins.


Just Memorize It

Everyone selects a word something related to the company for example ‘Clients’, ‘Products’ etc.

How: Each team member has to say their word along with previous member’s word. It keeps going until someone goes wrong with the sequence. That person then has to solve a trivia.

Duration: 30 Mins.


Rewriting the Vision!

Everyone has heard their company vision over and over again, and if they haven’t, this is a great way to get them familiar with it.

How: Take your company’s vision from your website and pull out all the verbs, nouns, and adjectives. Then starting from the bottom up, ask your team to take turns shouting out words and one person fills in the blanks.

Duration: 30 Mins.



Pre-Event Overview


Trivia, Whatsapp Group Communications, Email Broadcasts.

Teasers / Invites

Physical Invites, E-invite, Equipment Hampers.

Launch / Introduction

Tech Deployment, Stage with Corporate branding, Emcee Hosting the show.

Post Event Deliverables

  • Giveaway with personalization and corporate branding.
  • Personalized and branded virtual photos.
  • Post event montages.
  • Door-step delivery of giveaways.
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