Virtual Team Building Play The Odds

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Virtual Team Building Play The Odds

Wondering how teams working remotely, become highly effective virtually?

We at have the perfect blend of highly engaging team bonding activities conducted on a secure platform to keep up your team’s spirit – despite the geographical location and the restrictions in the current scenario. This in turn results in employee satisfaction and higher productivity!

What are the odds?

During the challenging times like this, where work from home is the new normal. How should employees who rarely see each other in – person become a ‘Highly Effective Team’. We have a perfect solution to re-connect and keep up the team spirit – despite remote locations or members spread across geographies.

How do we do it!

  • Weekly activities for a month.
  • Rejuvenate the Mind, Body and Soul.
  • Reconnecting with fellow Teammates.
  • Reliving the offsite memories with Virtual Team Engagement.
  • Team Engagement.


What, Where, When?

Virtual Team Building For Corporate

The First Activity is about testing your memory. Jog your brain and remember the important, epic events happened in the past.

How: Participants will be divided into a team, A video clip or a photo will show to each team and they have to guess what photo or clip is related to.

Duration: 45 Mins.


Who will you save?

Virtual Team Building Activity Who Will You Save

Both personal and professional life have ups, downs and crisis, and we always need to be ready for any such situations. This activity will increase the EQ and managerial skills of each participant.

How: Participants are divided into team and given a situation. Discuss and rescue 6 people stuck in a cave and win the race against increasing water level, who will they save or Can you save them all!

Duration: 30 to 40 Mins.


Excel Pixel Art

Virtual Team Building on Excel Micekart

Paint, corel draw and such applications are used to make virtual painting and Excel to put data together. Let’s reverse the roles. Make a beautiful virtual painting in ‘EXCEL’.

How: Participants are divided into team and given a situation, select a picture and let see which team can excel in their creativity.

Duration: 40 Mins.


Mission: Shani Yaan

Team Building Activity Space Micekart

A scenario where very important scientific information needs to be gathered from Saturn. How does one complete the mission where someone doesn’t want the mission to succeed.

How: Participants are divided into team, Decode the clues and solve quiz and bring the team back to Earth safely with all the required information.

Duration: 60 mins

Pre-Event Overview

Pre-Engagement – Trivia, WhatsApp Group Communications, Email Broadcasts.

Teasers / Invites – Physical Invites, E-invite, Equipment Hampers.

Launch / Introduction – Tech Deployment, Stage with Corporate branding, Emcee Hosting the show.

Post Event Deliverables

  • Giveaway with personalization and corporate branding.
  • Personalized and branded virtual photos.
  • Post event montages.
  • Door-step delivery of giveaways.
  • For more give away options visit

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